What NOT to expect from a qualified court reporter

Don’t expect them to be late

A good court reporter understands that at a deposition or trial-related proceeding, time is money!  That’s why the best court reporters are always onsite at the pre-agreed time without fail.

Don’t expect them to be slow

Great court reporters are built for speed.  No matter how fast the conversation is, you can count on them to keep up and provide a full transcript of everything that is said.  Professional court reporters practice their craft at the highest speeds so that their ear and hand are trained to maintain a fast pace.

Don’t expect them to make mistakes

The beauty of great court reporting is that it combines elements of speed and accuracy.  Your court reporter is simply not going to make many mistakes in their pursuit of creating the perfect transcript.  Depositions, hearings, business meetings or other important functions will all be captured without a flaw – befitting the document’s place as an official record of the court.

Don’t expect them to just work at a trial

One of the least-known facts about the court reporting industry is that reporters do not spend the majority of their time within the walls of a court house.  Instead, their valuable skills are used to help provide official records of depositions, arbitration hearings and other key legal proceedings outside of the halls of justice.  You are much more likely to find a court reporter in a law office than in front of a judge.