Court reporters are brought in to a legal proceeding or convention to make a record of everything that is said. This eliminates the need for people to take notes, and can settle any later disputes about who said what. The court reporter uses a stenotype machine to take down conversations syllable by syllable. If the client wants a written transcript, the court reporter uses a computer software program to translate the stenography into English.

A legal deposition in lawsuit is a formal process where a person testifies under oath, which means one of the parties assures that a licensed court reporter/stenographer is present to record the person's testimony which then can be used in certain ways in the case.

Every state and federal court specifies a written court procedure on exactly how a deposition can be conducted, and other provisions specify how it can later be used once it is typed up by a court reporter.

Don’t expect them to be late

A good court reporter understands that at a deposition or trial-related proceeding, time is money!  That’s why the best court reporters are always onsite at the pre-agreed time without fail.

Don’t expect them to be slow

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